Arizona Governor Ducey Classifies Arizona Golf Courses As Essential

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For The Time Being,  Arizona Golf Courses Throughout The State Will Remain Open In Spite Of A Number Of Protests By The State’s Mayors.

The state of Arizona is one of the most popular and beautiful U.S. destinations in which to play golf.  According to CBS Sports, Arizona is considered the 2nd most popular state for golf… behind Florida. The residents of Arizona, along with visiting tourists, admire the impeccable views, tremendous weather, and overall superior features that Arizona golf courses have to offer. Golf being deemed an ‘essential business‘ by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is important for several reasons. The golf industry supports jobs in Arizona’s economy and indirectly aids the Arizona businesses that serve and provide golf facilities. It drives tourist spending by attracting visitors from outside the area and drives sales of golf merchandise and equipment.  Additionally, and of significance to your home search, golf courses add significant value to residential real estate.

Golf is a sport that can be practiced and played safely since it does not require the sharing of any equipment. It can also be played following strict social distancing guidelines, as players have the option to either walk the course or use a separate cart per player. This could be useful for older players (in the compromised health group) that enjoy playing but can only walk limited distances. Furthermore, golf courses can limit the number of players on the course each day, allowing 50-75 people on the course at any one time. This would provide safer conditions for individuals that are more at risk of contracting the Corona Virus.

Lastly, individuals can use golf as a source of relaxation and entertainment during the global pandemic that we are experiencing.  Because maintaining a safe distance from others is one of the main COVID-19 prevention rules, golfers can easily practice these distancing safety measures.  Even the NBA is encouraging their professional basketball athletes to play golf as it allows these athletes the opportunity to pass time healthily, while still exercising and being able to partially maintain the competitive conditioning that basketball requires.

Although the novel Coronavirus has made many forms of contact sports and entertainment impossible due to their mandated postponement, it doesn’t prevent athletes, tourists, or residents from using golf courses as a safe outlet for exercise and socializing in Arizona.

Arizona Golf Course Real Estate

In recent years, the purchase of golf course residential property has become more and more popular in the world of real estate. Such property offers many benefits to home owners of all kinds, from the most devoted golfer to the self-proclaimed ‘couch potato’ The beauty and serenity of a golf course home is simply unsurpassed. Especially when the home in question is located in an area as full of natural character as the city of Phoenix, Arizona, golf course homes are a thing of wonder. Phoenix golf course homes are valued throughout the nation for their supreme investment potential and their value as a safe and beautiful abode.

Phoenix golf course homes appeal to a wide range of buyers; the most obvious of which would be those who enjoy a good round of 18 holes. When you are a frequent golfer, the ease of living a few steps away from a golf course in unbeatable. You never have to pack your gear into your car and lug it across town in order to partake in a game. You simply step outside of your home, and you have reached your destination.

However, there are many other benefits that are included with Phoenix golf course real estate. When you live on a golf course, your home will be bathed in the beauty of your surroundings. You will relish in Phoenix’s multi-hued sunsets, its majestic mountain ranges, and its unique terrain, with no distractions to detract from your view. Many people do not realize the enormous difference that living on a golf course can make. It is true that Phoenix’s beauty is all around, and you can experience the advantages of this picturesque desert city in nearly any home. However, the overall feel is heightened when you live on a relaxed, serene golf course. You are surrounded by natural landscaping and quiet activity… with the exception of an errant drive. Living on a golf course is like living on a private park; you get to experience a natural environment in a carefully maintained, yet still laid back manner.

People of all types, from young families to golf-loving retirees, would do well to look into the benefits of investigating Phoenix golf course homes for sale. You simply cannot receive the same ideal balance of natural beauty and modern life on any other type of property. It is true that an avid golfer might consider the benefits of owning such a home to be far greater than someone unfamiliar with the sport. However, people of all kinds can appreciate the peace that is experienced in golf course homes, as the value of these attributes is almost incalculable. Scottsdale golf course homes offer something for everyone.

Arizona Governor Golf News

For more information, please contact one of the specialized agents of Team Fore to see how wonderful living in an Arizona golf course home can be.

The Benefits of Buying An Arizona Golf Home

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If you are an individual who seeks high end amenities, likes to hit the golf course frequently, and desires a luxury home with beautiful landscaping, you may want to consider looking into purchasing an Arizona golf home. 

Joining the ranks of those living in a Phoenix or Scottsdale golf community is a dream that many aspire to. If you are an avid golfer, there are few things in life that are more satisfying than feeling a club in your hand and hitting that perfect shot. Additionally, having a great course at your constant disposal is a priority reason to pursue the Arizona golf lifestyle.

Consider a few benefits of golf home living and why it may be worth transitioning to this type of community.  If you want some of the most beautifully designed homes, you will absolutely want to visit the golf properties in Scottsdale and Phoenix . These living spaces feature intelligently thought out living spaces that highlight the best designs in both form and function. Not only are they beautiful, but they also are of the highest quality construction.

Your home will feature amazing views of the golf course and surrounding area, have welcoming entertainment spaces, kitchens fit for a master chef, and a master bedroom and bathroom space. You can retreat there after a long day on the course or entertaining family and friends. These homes are often highly customizable as well, meaning your home will be unique to you and your sense of style.

Arizona golf homes are noted for being situated amongst beautifully landscaped fairways and greens. Homeowners associations also oversee lawn care and decor regulations to maintain high end beauty. This makes for a fantastic lifestyle and also ensures that your property will maintain or grow its current value.  

Scottsdale golf homes are a match made in Heaven for those who desire high end amenities as a part of their daily lives. Of course, golfing when ever your heart desires is top of the list, but these communities will often feature state of the art health club and pool facilities with expert staff to help you achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals. What about getting advice from your community golf pro?

Love socializing and neighborhood events?  Phoenix golf community living always includes a great clubhouse with the above mentioned benefits. This is the perfect place to grab a happy hour drink with your golf buddies, a delicious meal with friends and neighbors, or host your next event. The clubhouse staff is always there to assist you with all of your culinary, entertainment and pro shop needs.

If you’ve read this far, we’re confident that this style of living appeals to you. With Arizona golf homes living, all you need to do is get out there and enjoy the luxury lifestyle that you have worked so hard to achieve. 

November 3, 2020  


Arizona Golf Real Estate – The Answer To A Golfer’s Dreams

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Like its mythical namesake that rose from the ashes, the Phoenix / Scottsdale area has risen from the Sonoran Desert to become a large metropolis. The city is peppered with numerous lush green golf courses. Its warm climate has made it a mecca for those seeking the opportunities of a growing city, as well as those tired of shoveling snow, not to mention winter visitors and retirees. One of the city’s big draws is the bounty of golf courses. With over 250 golf courses, the area is considered a worldwide destination for golf. Golf enthusiasts looking to buy a golf course home will find the selection as abundant and as varied as the colors of a desert sunset.

Phoenix’s pleasant weather, eight to nine months of the year, tugs at the avid golfer’s desire to be on the golf course. The weather provides additional incentives by bestowing the golfer with an average of 211 sunny days a year. This Phoenix area is appropriately called The Valley of the Sun. When other cities are experiencing winter snow, Arizona golfers are playing eighteen holes under pleasant sunny skies… in golf shorts.

With mountain vistas and the serenity and beauty of the desert, Scottsdale golf homes are available to meet or exceed one’s desires and dreams. Home styles are as diverse as the individuals that seek a home in this area.

Trying to make the perfect putt, with a few Saguaro cacti as an audience, is not an unusual occurrence in this desert city. Early morning golfers and residents may catch a glimpse of a pair of adult quail with several little ones crossing a cart path. Sighting a roadrunner crossing the street or a hawk circling in the sky are experiences relished by owners of Arizona golf real estate.

Golfing fans can attend major PGA and LPGA tournaments, including the Phoenix Open.

Arizona is the answer to finding a home that is located on or near a golf course. If one’s desire demands a home that has a back yard patio, where orange blossoms scent the gentle breezes and a view of a lush verdant golf course, the Phoenix/Scottsdale area is sure to have the perfect home.

Golf is a major business in Arizona and is treated with the respect it deserves. It is artfully reflected in the quality of the courses and the homes it offers golf fans.

A visit to provides a glimpse of some of the excellent Arizona golf real estate available today.


October 5, 2020