Arizona Golf Real Estate – The Answer To A Golfer’s Dreams

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Like its mythical namesake that rose from the ashes, the Phoenix / Scottsdale area has risen from the Sonoran Desert to become a large metropolis. The city is peppered with numerous lush green golf courses. Its warm climate has made it a mecca for those seeking the opportunities of a growing city, as well as those tired of shoveling snow, not to mention winter visitors and retirees. One of the city’s big draws is the bounty of golf courses. With over 250 golf courses, the area is considered a worldwide destination for golf. Golf enthusiasts looking to buy a golf course home will find the selection as abundant and as varied as the colors of a desert sunset.

Phoenix’s pleasant weather, eight to nine months of the year, tugs at the avid golfer’s desire to be on the golf course. The weather provides additional incentives by bestowing the golfer with an average of 211 sunny days a year. This Phoenix area is appropriately called The Valley of the Sun. When other cities are experiencing winter snow, Arizona golfers are playing eighteen holes under pleasant sunny skies… in golf shorts.

With mountain vistas and the serenity and beauty of the desert, Scottsdale golf homes are available to meet or exceed one’s desires and dreams. Home styles are as diverse as the individuals that seek a home in this area.

Trying to make the perfect putt, with a few Saguaro cacti as an audience, is not an unusual occurrence in this desert city. Early morning golfers and residents may catch a glimpse of a pair of adult quail with several little ones crossing a cart path. Sighting a roadrunner crossing the street or a hawk circling in the sky are experiences relished by owners of Arizona golf real estate.

Golfing fans can attend major PGA and LPGA tournaments, including the Phoenix Open.

Arizona is the answer to finding a home that is located on or near a golf course. If one’s desire demands a home that has a back yard patio, where orange blossoms scent the gentle breezes and a view of a lush verdant golf course, the Phoenix/Scottsdale area is sure to have the perfect home.

Golf is a major business in Arizona and is treated with the respect it deserves. It is artfully reflected in the quality of the courses and the homes it offers golf fans.

A visit to provides a glimpse of some of the excellent Arizona golf real estate available today.


October 5, 2020