Arizona Governor Ducey Classifies Arizona Golf Courses As Essential

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For The Time Being,  Arizona Golf Courses Throughout The State Will Remain Open In Spite Of A Number Of Protests By The State’s Mayors.

The state of Arizona is one of the most popular and beautiful U.S. destinations in which to play golf.  According to CBS Sports, Arizona is considered the 2nd most popular state for golf… behind Florida. The residents of Arizona, along with visiting tourists, admire the impeccable views, tremendous weather, and overall superior features that Arizona golf courses have to offer. Golf being deemed an ‘essential business‘ by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is important for several reasons. The golf industry supports jobs in Arizona’s economy and indirectly aids the Arizona businesses that serve and provide golf facilities. It drives tourist spending by attracting visitors from outside the area and drives sales of golf merchandise and equipment.  Additionally, and of significance to your home search, golf courses add significant value to residential real estate.

Golf is a sport that can be practiced and played safely since it does not require the sharing of any equipment. It can also be played following strict social distancing guidelines, as players have the option to either walk the course or use a separate cart per player. This could be useful for older players (in the compromised health group) that enjoy playing but can only walk limited distances. Furthermore, golf courses can limit the number of players on the course each day, allowing 50-75 people on the course at any one time. This would provide safer conditions for individuals that are more at risk of contracting the Corona Virus.

Lastly, individuals can use golf as a source of relaxation and entertainment during the global pandemic that we are experiencing.  Because maintaining a safe distance from others is one of the main COVID-19 prevention rules, golfers can easily practice these distancing safety measures.  Even the NBA is encouraging their professional basketball athletes to play golf as it allows these athletes the opportunity to pass time healthily, while still exercising and being able to partially maintain the competitive conditioning that basketball requires.

Although the novel Coronavirus has made many forms of contact sports and entertainment impossible due to their mandated postponement, it doesn’t prevent athletes, tourists, or residents from using golf courses as a safe outlet for exercise and socializing in Arizona.