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Whisper Rock At A Glance

Whisper Rock Estates draws its inspiration from traditional American Southwest architecture and the diverse styles that inspired it. This includes influences from Old World, Native American, Latin American, and Spanish Colonial cultures. Historically, the character of these dwellings reflected the environmental conditions of their places of origin, and did not necessarily result from a quest for style. Locally available materials and rudimentary construction methods were employed, yielding simple, yet substantial dwellings without excessive adornment. Structures were often “nestled” into their site, taking advantage of existing natural features for protection from the elements. The rural setting offered opportunities for the site to evolve over time, often resulting in various detached building that were functionally connected by courtyards and other such areas. Covered loggias, trellis elements and site walls with strategically placed openings transformed the sometimes intense climate into filtered natural light and gentle cooling breezes. The combination of these factors produced rambling, low-lying, human scale dwellings that were functionally and visually anchored to their site. Whisper Rock espouses to achieve the same rustic simplicity and enduring charm in its homes today.


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